My Dirty Hobby Voyeur Review

For those that haven’t already visited the site, My Dirty Hobby claims to be the biggest social network for adults. Of course, this certainly draws you in. The large community of amateurs posting all of their videos and photo sets (along with chatting amongst each other) does sound pretty great. Of course, what I described might also sound to some like the free porn site Voyeur Porn Hub, and we all know that Porn Hub is one of the best places around for free porn and socializing with other adults. Want to see if this community really does live up to their claims of being the biggest one around? If so, keep on reading my real porn review.

What Member Can Expect

This site has a very large collection, with more than 1, 115, 433 voyeur scenes (with the minute per video varying). The format used for these videos is Flash (in-browser). There are over 627, 904 galleries, with each gallery having around 100 pictures. Also, there are zip files available.

In terms of exclusive content, this site has almost none. There are more than 7, 000 active members, however, Porn Hub has millions of active members. Some of the other things offered are live cams, vlogs, profiles (of course), vlogs, wishlists, and playlists. Also, the site updates daily with new content.


With these kind of sites, it’s kind of hard to make a comparison, because everything is priced strangely. Here is the list of prices for credits and accepted forms of payment:

  • Credits: $10. 00 (800 credits)
  • Credits: $15. 00 (1200 credits)
  • Credits: $25. 00 (2000 credits)
  • Credits: $50. 00 (5200 credits)
  • Credits: $75. 00 (7800 credits)
Payment: Mastercard, Online Check, VISA
CC Processor: Primary: CentroBill,
  • Secondary: Epoch

Pros and Cons

There are a lot of pros with the My Dirty Hobby site. The first pro is that there is a lot of content and a lot of variety. They are so varied in their content, it’s kind of hard to keep up, with videos categorized as masturbation, group sex, mouth fetish, facials, and doctor games. There is a lot of variety when it comes to the women on the site a while, with varying age, height, ethnicity, weight, and more! The next pro would be that there are updates constantly. Of course, with the number of members, it is easy to see why the site updates so much! Even though there doesn’t seem to be a lot of HD content, the videos and pics still look great and the acting seems to be pretty interesting. The last pro would be that members can upload their own content. Unfortunately, there are some cons to mention with this site.

The first is that the credits do seem a bit expensive sometimes. The next con is that movies are not able to be downloaded, so members can only stream. Of course, the last con is that there is some content that is very low quality. However, that is normal for a site that mainly features amateur content.

Final Thoughts

My Dirty Hobby might as while being exactly like Porn Hub, except there is less HD content and you have to pay for credits. All in all, I would say that this is a great site if you are not a fan of PH, but if you are a fan, don’t waste your time.